05 February 2010

Create custom sounds replacing xp default sound.

If you want to change the sound of startup sound,shutdown etc 

 1.first cut a sound or music into wav format(virtual dj will do it)(below 30 sec).
 2.go to your windows drive(C:/) then windows/media then move the file which you wish to change to a backup folder.(can be used later).
 3.move your customised wav file to the media folder.
 4.rename this file to the name of the original file.

Shortcut to open temp folder

How to remove contents of temp folder quickly.

1.Open run from start menu
 2.type %temp% and click ok
3.temp is open delete all temp files to increase harddisk space.temp may also contain some viruses.

Note: select all files by pressing ctrl+a.
delete files permenently by pressing shift+del.

04 February 2010

My Recommendations

I Recomend using a opera as browser,Avira or kasperesky as antivirus,windows media player for music(download dfx for more effect) or imesh,total video converter as converter ,google search engine,gmail,gom player for video,win xp as os.

Getting bored in restarting the system every time after installing an application?

Following are the steps

 1.press ctrl+alt+del
 2.select services tab
3.select explorer.exe and click endprocess and yes 
4.select new task and type explorer.exe and click ok.
 5.system now will have an effect of restart.

Stopping Common Virus attacks! or Stop applications which start at startup

The first thing to do is identify the virus.
If you find it in services in task manager and when stopped coming again then do the following:

1.Open RUN from start menu.
2.Type msconfig.
3.From the window select selective startup.
4.select startup tab.
5.unselect virus applications.
Now the Virus is temporarily disabled.
Immediately install antivirus and scan the drives.
I Recommend using Avira or Kasperesky.

Note:Use MS Config at your own risk.

M-S DOS Disabled by Administrator

If you see this message when opening your DOS do one thing:

1.Open Run from Start menu
2.Type the following(better you Copy)
REG add HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\System /v DisableCMD /t REG_DWORD /d 0 /f

3.Open DOS and enjoy!