14 June 2012

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Sanjay R Nath

25 February 2012

The most awaited Aakash Ubislate 7+ Unboxing and quick video review.

Quick video review of Aakash ubislate 7+ tablet PC Unboxing ,
The most awaited Tablet.

Aakash Ubislate 7+ tablet Full Specifications and Features

     Specifications of Aakash Ubislate 7
      ·         700 Mhz processor Cortex A8
      ·          HD Video Co Processor
      ·         256 MB RAM
      ·          2 GB NAND internal Storage
      ·         Upto 32 GB expandable Micro SD slot
      ·         Android 2.3 GingerBread OS
·         Wifi and GPRS (can insert SIM card)

·         A 7 “ inch resistive touch screen with 800x480 resolution
      ·         2 FULL USB ports
      ·         Very fast Internet access
      ·         Can view FULL HD 1080 P video
      ·         Audio out 3.5mm jack

Aakash Ubislate 7 tablet for sale

Aakash tablet
Commercial version known as ubislate is now a world hit.
Electronic gadgets and PDA’s has already conquered our lives, now you could get a tablet PC at just below 50$ with acceptable specifications.
aakash tablet 2(ubilstate 7+)  currently only a prebook mode.
Here are some links which I found in ebay to immediately or instantly buy aakash ubislate 7 tablet at very cheap rates.
Below is the link from ebay to buy aakash ubislate tablet :-

29 July 2011

Create Simple Ram Recovery Application To Fasten Up System Speed

How to Speed up your PC

This question is asked by millions of PC users worldwide and there are more that a billion answers.
Softwares,boosters,Optimizers and blaah blah .
Do you wanna speed up your system for free ??
Without any downloads ? no sign ups ?
Free up your RAM space according to your wish to increase your PC performance ?
look down the steps below:
So create a new text file on your desktop and call it .. “RAMcleaner” or something like that.Type